Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good things to know...

Reading in .fits files, file=mrdfits('filename.fits',1)
dwave/wave = v/c
when you have shift in pixels, shift*69.02 = radial velocity
blah=spline(template wave, template flux, spectrum wave) for interpolating
for cross correlating, xcorl, flux, blah, range, shift where the range is the size of the area that xcorl tries to fit, shift is just the shift in pixels, blah is obviously the result from interpolation
Good line for Mdwarfs, sodium at 8183.2556 and 8194.7904
Hydrogen alpha at 6562.8 will tell whether the mdwarf is magnetically active or not (these are air wavelengths)
ps aux | grep idl -> lists all processes and pipes to grep to find IDL processes
kill process_id
kill -9 process_id -> kills the process no matter what
ls * > file_name.dat -> makes a file with the names of the contents of whatever directory you're in

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